RNG updates // Valley Films review of RNG 3.2

Hey everyone, just a short update. We’ve been working hard towards an August 31 deadline for shipping RNG 3.3 units. However, we still have a few production details to iron out so we’re currently moving forward with the orders that have already been placed while making  additional online ordering temporarily unavailable. We hope to get everything back up and running shortly but first have to play a little catch up.


This also lines up with our site moving to a new platform to make things a little easier for everyone, so you’ll likely be seeing some changes to the site soon. We’re also working on adding some additional RNG accessories to the site for purchase, and we’re also in the process of talking to some friends about additional third party products that may be appearing. Furthermore, we’re counting on having some RNG 3.3 pics and demo videos to accompany our transition to this new platform.


We appreciate everyone’s patience with us as we work out these last few bumps in the road!



Valley Films RNG 3.2 Demo

In the meantime, we’re still sending out demos of RNG 3.2. One of our demo recipients, Jordan Anderson of Valley Films, did a video review. Check it out and show your support!


Dan Parris of Speak Up Productions in St. Louis is also running and gunning with one as we speak!

We’re expecting some more amazing news soon! If you want to stay up to speed, you can sign up for our email newsletter.